Portugal demonstrated successful efforts to improve its road safety situation in the beginning of the last decade. However, recent years have shown signs of stagnation, as the country’s road mortality rate – 62 road deaths per million population – remains significantly higher than the EU average.

Further actions are needed to address this issue and prevent a regression to pre-pandemic levels of road safety, as observed in many other European countries in 2022. With an ambitious road safety strategy, Vision Zero 2030, in place and concrete measures planned for improving road safety, Portugal is eager to continue its cooperation after participating in the pilot phase of the EURSE project. This time, with specific areas of focus, Portugal looks forward to supporting its road safety efforts by exchanging experiences and best practices with its EU partners.

Exchange topics:

  • Urban road safety
  • Enforcement

Partner countries:

614 Road deaths in 2022
62 Road deaths per million population
-15% reduction in road deaths 2012-2022