Poland has made remarkable progress in improving road safety over the past decade. Once known for having some of the most dangerous roads in the EU, the country has achieved a significant 47% reduction in road deaths since 2012, ranking second among EU member states.

Through the implementation of stricter enforcement measures, the elimination of disparities between day and night speed limits, and an increased focus on pedestrian safety, Poland has successfully enhanced road safety conditions, resulting in a considerable decline in road deaths. These areas were among those addressed during Poland’s participation in the pilot project. Despite these improvements, Poland’s road mortality rate in 2022 still exceeds the EU average. Poland remains committed to road safety and eagerly joins the new phase of the EURSE project.

Exchange topics:

  • Road safety education
  • Enforcement

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1896 Road deaths in 2022
50 Road deaths per million population
-47% reduction in road deaths 2012-2022