In 2020, Greece was the only EU country to achieve the EU’s road death reduction target of 50%. However, progress has slowed in recent years, with a 36% reduction recorded since 2012. This still places Greece among the better performers in the EU.

Despite the significant strides made in the past decade, Greece continues to face high road mortality numbers compared to the EU average. Sustaining the improvements poses a challenge, considering the association of past successes with changes in travel behaviors, infrastructure expansion, and economic crises. Continuous efforts from national authorities are required to maintain progress.

To address this, Greece has implemented over 100 measures as part of its new national plan for road safety. By participating in the new phase of the EURSE project, Greece aims to gather best practices and tackle key road safety issues in the country, to support its ongoing efforts.

Exchange topics:

  • Urban road safety
  • Powered two-wheelers

Partner countries:

635 Road deaths in 2022
61 Road deaths per million population
-36% reduction in road deaths 2012-2022