Ireland Study Visit on Driver training 2023

A Hungarian delegation, comprising representatives from the Ministry of Construction and Transport, the Centre for Transport Competence and Examination, and the Hungarian Institute for Transport Sciences and Logistics (KTI), accompanied by ETSC, participated in a study visit on the topic of driver training on 4-5 December. The visit was hosted by the Road Safety Authority (RSA) in Ireland as part of the EU Road Safety Exchange project. It included practical demonstrations and discussions with experienced professionals involved in the driver training framework.

On the first day, the Irish partners presented the general road safety situation in the country and its strategic approach to the new challenges faced. This was followed by an overview of the driver education and training structure in Ireland. The different stages of driver education, the learner permit framework, explanations of the driver sponsors program, and general procedures for driver education in the country were further detailed.

Participants then delved deeper into specific aspects of driver training, starting with training and regulations for driver trainers. Step-by-step explanations on how people become Approved Driving Instructors (ADI) and how they are evaluated, regularly checked, and supervised in the national registry of instructors were provided.

The hosts also shared their work with the Emergency Services Driving Standard, providing all emergency services in the country with high standards to ensure that everyone follows safe and responsible driving guidelines. Experts were also able to learn more about Ireland’s work on education in schools and various campaigns.

The first day ended with a sit-in on the practical assessment for approved driving instructors. Each participant was able to experience the entire procedure and key practical aspects of evaluation procedures with a follow-up post-assessment discussion.

The second day of the visit started with an in-depth overview of driver CPC training, periodic training for professional drivers that is kept continuously up to date to reflect new realities on the road, a subject that stirred lively discussions between Hungarian and Irish experts. The focus was on the key challenges presented when ensuring that professional drivers acquire the key skills needed for safe driving on roads.

Ending the two-day visit, participants were able to sit in a mock-up practical driving test process – from the theory test to the practical driving test and driving examiner preparation. Driving around with a driving instructor understanding how the entire procedure looks in practice, the standards and manner in which applicants are evaluated, and which key areas have to be closely checked by each driving examiner.

Good practices presented by Irish colleagues at RSA highlight the importance of a well-established driver training framework. The Hungarian delegation and the Irish hosts were keen to continue the sharing of good practice in improving the driver training framework and appreciated the role of the exchange project in pushing forward progress and finding solutions to common issues..

EU Road Safety Exchange is funded by the European Parliament and led by the European Commission. The project is managed by ETSC on behalf of the European Commission.