Bulgaria has faced challenges in achieving significant road safety improvements over the past decade. While some progress has been made towards safer roads, the rate of improvement, standing at 12% since 2012, falls below the EU average.

This rate of progress is insufficient, particularly when considering that Bulgaria had the second highest road mortality among EU Member States in 2022. With the continuous increase in car traffic within the country, it is vital to take decisive steps towards road safety, prompting national authorities to seek effective measures.

During the pilot phase of the EURSE project, Bulgaria actively worked to enhance enforcement and implement road infrastructure safety measures. Remaining committed to the cause, Bulgaria eagerly looks forward to accelerating road safety improvements in the second phase of the EURSE project.

Exchange topics:

  • In-depth road collision investigation
  • Driver training

Partner countries:

531 Road deaths in 2022
78 Road deaths per million population
-12% reduction in road deaths 2012-2022